Is Thompson a Tennesseean for Choice?

CBN’s David Brody has uncovered a Tennesseans for Choice questionnaire filled out by Fred Dalton Thompson circa 1996 in which he answered questions about his personal philosophy on the issue of abortion.

Fred Dalton Thompson bluntly answered with a “NO” when asked if he favored the criminalization of abortion.

Furthermore, Fred Dalton Thompson expressed support for the public financing of abortions in specific cases.

And as if that wasn’t enough, when asked about services or programs that he supports in order to minimize unplanned pregnancies, Fred Dalton Thompson stated that he voted to provide funding for the infamous Title X family planning programs.

You can read his answers to the questionnaire here.

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7 Comments on “Is Thompson a Tennesseean for Choice?”

  1. mike Says:

    I have a horse in the race, and so I am not unbiased, but I’m trying to figure out who is the best, I think we need to get the truth out their and see what happens…

    I have this site, which documents many points about Fred THompson…

    Feel free to link to it. Hopefully you find some good info…

  2. tommyd4 Says:

    Now you got the Romneyites on board. Let me guess, they’re not welcome either.

  3. mumsy6 Says:

    Life issues? Fred addresses those Life issues on this video found at The Brody File that you have referenced above.

  4. shelbysbest Says:

    Fred is solidly pro-life and he has said that Roe Vs. Wade was bad law and bad medical science per his Fox News interview with Chris Wallace.

  5. j fraser Says:

    This stance you set out has no basis in fact, you should not be repeating old information with errors –but doing you research on truths please.

    It always relates back to you as a poor and inaccurate source.

    See: for facts on F red Dalton Thompson Thanks!

  6. mytngenes Says:

    Check the research for Fred’s position on Life and other issues-its out there and available to all.

    When in doubt, …..research!!!! Then you’ll have the facts needed to make an informed statement/decision.

  7. From this position, he has focused on reducing taxes, reforming the tax code to make it simpler and fairer, and restoring the Social Security and Medicare programs to long-term solvency.

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