Will Thompson’s Anti-Semitic roles turn him into an easy Target?

While the Conservatives Against Fred Thompson don’t hold Fred Dalton Thompson’s movie roles against him personally we are concerned by recent developments in the political landscape (ie. George Allen “macaca” episode) that point to a growing intolerance of any hint of racism connected to those who seek higher office.

Fred Dalton Thompson played a White Supremacist character bent on demonizing the Jewish folk and who disparagingly referred to blacks as “mud people”. At one point he is shown attending a neonazi rally where he is presented with a copy of Mein Kampf in a scene where he is visibly touched and shows a great depth of emotion.

Predictably, the opposition is already sharpening its knives.

The Conservatives Against Fred Thompson present Knox Pooley:


In another movie role that can be the cause of ridicule in some circles, Fred Dalton Thompson played an aging Superman:

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5 Comments on “Will Thompson’s Anti-Semitic roles turn him into an easy Target?”

  1. tommyd4 Says:

    OK, it has gone from being a question of concern to showing your leftist bias. Why don’t we take the attacks on all the conservatives from the DNC website. This is the most absolutely absurd line of attack I have ever seen. Nothing more than smear tactics and taking quotes out of context. You, my friends, have let your bias show.

  2. Akbar Says:

    I disagree with Tommy & Bob. Fred Thompson has received a free pass from MSM (liberally slanted). My question: Why? Let’s face it, what presidential qualifications does Fred have aside from a largely conservative voting record (something virutally every Republican Senator in office has)? I for one, am looking for a candidate that has actually done something of substance, well I guess Fred did help implement McCain-Feingold! (Oops did I say that). And just for the record I have been a life long GOP social conservative so all the Democratic labeling is unfounded. Keep up the good work Conservatives Against Fred!

  3. Editor Says:

    This MSM darling needs to be taken down to size…

    Fred who?

  4. Danny Says:

    which candidate is more conservative than Fred Thompson? Must you ask?


  5. Alexia Says:

    It’s really sad that the Fred Thompson supprters believe what he said and not what he voted. They really think he is pro-2nd amendment.

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