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Thompson’s PAC transfered $178,000 to his Son

June 13, 2007

Excerpts as reported by ABC News:

Former Tennessee Senator and potential Republican presidential candidate Fred Thompson has shut down a political action committee that paid out more money to his son than it did in political donations.

Federal Election Commission records analyzed by the Blotter on show Thompson’s committee paid $178,000 to his son’s political consulting firm, Daniel Thompson Associates, since 2003.

In contrast, the committee made only $66,700 in contributions to other campaigns and political committees in the four years since Thompson retired from the Senate.


Contacted at his Nashville, Tenn., political consulting business, Daniel Thompson told ABC News he couldn’t talk because he was “about to leave for a business trip” and referred all questions to a spokesman for his father, who did not return calls from ABC News.



Thompson Exploited the American troops to Sell Identity Theft Insurance

June 12, 2007

Excerpts as reported by the LA Times:

Possible presidential candidate Fred D. Thompson is lending his voice to radio commercials for a company that says it fights identity thieves and that was co-founded by a man accused of taking money from consumer bank accounts without permission.

The one-minute commercials are airing across the country on behalf of Tempe, Ariz.-based LifeLock Inc., which said nearly 200,000 customers pay about $10 a month for services that include placing fraud alerts on their credit files.

LifeLock was co-founded in 2005 by Robert J. Maynard Jr., whom the Federal Trade Commission accused in 1996 of deceiving consumers with advertisements that suggested his credit-repair company could remove records of bankruptcies and delinquent payments.


In Thompson’s commercials, the deep-voiced actor recounts a tale of military heroism in Iraq, then introduces himself and says LifeLock’s service can stop identity theft and is offered free to deployed members of the military.

“While our heroes are protecting us, we have a duty to protect them,” Thompson says in his familiar, folksy cadence.

“I urge you to contact LifeLock.”


Thompson Lobbied for Presidente Jean-Bertrand Aristide

June 11, 2007

Fred Dalton Thomson filed papers with the Justice Department in 1991 to represent Presidente Jean-Bertrand Aristide two weeks after he was deposed from power.

According to the papers, Fred Dalton Thompson stated his intent to lobby members of Congress and their staff, officials of the U.S. Department of State and the Office of the President of the United states on behalf of Presidente Aristide.

The website The Politico has obtained the papers filed by Fred Dalton Thompson at the justice department and here they are: Page1; Page2.

Fred Dalton Thompson received money payments from presidente Jean-Bertrand Aristide with clear intent to affect changes in US foreign policy on his behalf. Claims that his actions constitute an act of treason were disputed by his spokesman.

UPDATE: Justin Raimondo has written an article that sheds more light on the Thompson-Aristide connection.

Presidente Jean-Bertrand Aristide
Presidente Jean-Bertrand Aristide