Conservatives Against Fred Thompson is a non-profit, non-partisan, non-denominational, social-conservative organization dedicated to upholding the truth about the record of misdeeds of Fred Dalton Thompson and the harm he might pose to the future of our great nation if no action is taken.

Conservatives Against Fred Thompson is comprised of individuals of many faiths and creeds, bound by the common belief that each individual is endowed by their creator with the right to Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness as stated so well by our nation’s founders. We hold that the right to life is so central that all other rights are meaningless unless that fundamental right to life is first secured.

We will toil, we will persist and we will never give up.

– The Founders


Copyright © 2007 Kansans For Life, all rights reserved.
E-mail us info at: conservativesagainstfred@adelphia.net


16 Comments on “About”

  1. Webmaster,
    I am curious if we might do a link exchange? I appriciate your candor on Fred Thompson’s history and anything that helps us get picked up in the search engines would be great. My site is at http://www.fredhub.com Thank you for your time and consideration.

    Richard A. Lewis

  2. Frederick Says:

    And are you so ashamed of your cause that you don’t have the guts to reveal your identity? For all I know you could just as well be democrats trying to undermine Mr Thompson in the eyes of conservative voters.

  3. Sturm Ruger Says:

    Frederick is correct. let’s have some names, please, of those who conjured up this negativist undertaking. Without them, your website and your claim to “non-partisanship” has zero credibility. It’s just another smear site.

  4. Donna Says:

    Regardless of the identity or the political persuasion of this sites owner, FT is NOT what this country needs.

    I’ve been defending GWB since the first chad fell, and I submit the following article for your intellectual digestion.

    The truth is a hard pill to swallow.

    “Making the Bush Mistake All Over Again”

    “First, they insist on ideological purity, attempting to define Rudy Giuliani out of the mainstream of the party. Then they goad a smart, reform-minded former governor, Mitt Romney, into becoming a human pretzel, cheering as he contorts to adopt their pet social views while ruining his viability.

    Having done this, conservative insiders have flagged down the next undistinguished, albeit appealing, fellow to fit the bill of conservative standard bearer: Fred Thompson. (He communicates! He creates pithy ripostes to Michael Moore! He thinks Iran is a danger!)

    Once again, they are enchanted by the banal. They seem unmoved by his lack of accomplishment in any field of endeavor other than acting. The highlights of his Senate record seem to be a single bill to track wasteful spending, an ineptly run investigation on illegal Chinese campaign contributions and stewardship of a McCain-Feingold campaign-finance bill that most of them despise. And so far this year, Mr. Thompson has yet to offer any specific policy proposals.”

    entire article here:


  5. tommyd4 Says:

    You Canadians need to get a life

  6. Akbar Says:

    Critics, why don’t you try to construct a rebuttal against the arguments/sources rather than crying for the names of the Founders? An argument from silence is not very effective.

  7. tommyd4 Says:

    Because these are sloppily put together hit pieces, and when I’ve tried to post links, they’ve mysteriously not shown up. I think our fine “hidden” moderators don’t want to have any arguement when it comes to links.

  8. tommyd4 Says:

    So a bunch of Brownback supporters. I’m sure Sam would approve.

  9. Every day, so-called conservatives are getting more and more like Daily Kos. More nastiness, more ad hominems, more pond scum. Frankly, I’d rather these drive-by “conservatives” would join the Democrats. They’d be much more at home there.

  10. To Frederick and Sturm Ruger: The About section at the top of this page clearly identifies the site owners directly beneath “Founders” as:

    Copyright © 2007 Kansans For Life, all rights reserved.
    E-mail us info at: conservativesagainstfred@adelphia.net

    As to the matter of credibilty – facts are facts regardless of who states the fact. Your ad hominem attacks against the site owners is not an argument against the facts regarding Thompson that have been posted by the site owner. To attack the site owners, rather than rebut the facts posted, is an indication that you have no rebuttal against the facts stated on this site.

    Akbar: Spot on. An argument from silence is not an argument at all.

    Tommyd4: On what basis do your assert that Kansans for Life are Canadians? And even if they were – calling the site owners Canadians that need to get a life does nothing to dispute the facts regarding Thompson’s record.

    rightwingprof: Your accustations and ad hominems such as “so-called conservatives” and “drive by conservatives” are self-righteous hypocrisy. Are you blind to your own casting of an ad hominem here? A credible argument against the facts are much more preferable than your baseless ad hominem and empty accusations.

    To: Site owner – Thank you for hosting this site. It is greatly appreciated.

  11. Ed Williamson Says:

    For Conservativegrunt: Kansans for Life does not identify the founds of this site. I willingly post my full name and expect that they should as well. Otherwise, I take it as a hit piece, probably created by dirtydems. Although, I do see hints that Gun Owners of America, GOA, are involved.

  12. James Says:

    I notice that none of the “conservatives” against Fred Thompson are willing to give their names. I wonder why that is?

  13. James Says:

    “To attack the site owners, rather than rebut the facts posted, is an indication that you have no rebuttal against the facts stated on this site.”

    What’s wrong, hitting a bit too close to home? Aren’t you the same person running this site?

  14. Chuck Says:

    I’m curious why Kansas for Life, an affiliate of the national Right to Life Committee is running against the candidtae that has been endorsed by the national organization. As a result, I contacted both Kansans for Life and the NRLC to verify that KFL is opposed to the endorsement of their umbrella organization.

  15. I am the Executive Director of KANSANS FOR LIFE and THIS IS A BOGUS site if they are trying to say they are us because they are not!!! We are the Kansas affiliate of the National Right to Life Committee and we have not endorsed a candidate and won’t even be discussing it until our next board meeting Jan. 22nd. And it could well be Fred!

  16. YOU NEED TO TAKE THIS SITE DOWN OR FACE LEGAL ACTION . By the way, our actual website is http://www.kfl.org. Our political action action committee’s website is voteprolife.net. From Mary Kay Culp, Exec. Director of the REAL Kansans for Life.

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