Conservatives, Beware of Fred Thompson

This thoroughly researched article by Richard Viguerie sums up what conservatives can expect from Fred Dalton Thompson were he to become the next president. Here is an excerpt:


Conservatives who look to Thompson for salvation need to pause and consider his record—a record that includes these votes:


FOR restricting the rights of grassroots organizations to communicate with the public. See ACU’s vote 3, 1998.


FOR allowing the IRS to require political and policy organizations to disclose their membership—a vote against the constitutional rights of free association and privacy. (The Clinton Administration used such IRS intimidation against conservative groups that opposed them.) See ACU’s vote 11, 2000.


AGAINST impeachment proceedings against President Clinton, specifically the reappointment and reauthorization of managers (drawn from the Republican membership of the House Judiciary Committee) to conduct the impeachment trial in the Senate. See ACU’s vote 1, 1999.


AGAINST an accelerated elimination of the “marriage penalty.” See ACU’s vote 10, 2001.


FOR handouts to politicians, specifically taxpayer funding of presidential campaigns. See ACU’s vote 6, 1995.


FOR handouts to politicians, specifically congressional perks such as postage and broadcast time funded by taxpayers. See ACU’s vote 13, 1996.


AGAINST restraints on federal spending, specifically the Phil Gramm (R-TX) amendment to limit non-defense discretionary spending to the fiscal 1997 levels requested by President Clinton. See ACU’s vote 6, 1997.


FOR affirmative action in federal contracts. See ACU’s vote 9, 1995.


FOR the Legal Services Corporation, the perennial liberal boondoggle that provides political activism disguised as “legal services” to Democratic constituencies. See ACU’s vote 16, 1995, and vote 17, 1999.


FOR an increase in the minimum wage, which, of course, increases unemployment among the young and poor. See ACU’s vote 16, 1996.


FOR President Clinton’s nomination of Dr. David Satcher as U.S. Surgeon General. Among other things, Satcher opposed a full ban on partial-birth abortion. See ACU’s vote 1, 1998.


FOR open-ended military commitments, specifically in regard to U.S. troops in Kosovo. See ACU’s vote 8, 2000.


FOR corporate welfare, specifically the Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC). See ACU’s vote 23. 1999.


AGAINST worker and shareholder rights, specifically the Hatch (R-UT) amendment to require unions and corporations to obtain permission from dues-paying members or shareholders before spending money on political activities. See ACU’s votes 4 and 5, 2001.


AGAINST property rights and FOR unlimited presidential power, specifically by allowing President Clinton to implement the American Heritage Rivers Initiative, which he established by executive order, without congressional approval. See ACU’s vote 20, 1997.


FOR restricting the First Amendment (free speech) rights of independent groups. See ACU’s vote 23, 1997.


FOR the trial lawyers lobby, and specifically against a bill that would put common-sense limitations on the medical malpractice suits that increase health costs for all of us. (Of course! He’s been a trial lawyer himself for some three decades.) See ACU’s vote 18, 2002.


And, last but not least:


FOR limitations on campaign freedom of speech, by limiting contributions to national political parties to $2,000 and limiting the rights of individuals and groups to participate in the political process in the two months before elections. See ACU’s vote 7, 2002.





And this is only the tip of the iceberg. We highly recommend that conscientious conservatives read the entire article located here.

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13 Comments on “Conservatives, Beware of Fred Thompson”

  1. Kansans for Life (and immigration) Says:

    Hey you Sam Brokeback supporters,

    Viguerie hates Brownback as well. He’s only said anything nice about Ron Paul. Or is this “Jim Robinson’s” site?

    “Jim Robinson” who goes by:


    Am I forgetting any?

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  3. S.K. Johnson Says:

    Great website, keep up the good work, this information is very important.

    Duncan Hunter 2008

  4. thelastinkling Says:

    If you feel so inclined, please link to my Duncan Hunter activism blog

  5. Fred Thompson not the next Reagan, says conservative journalist
    Chad Groening
    July 10, 2007

    An author and investigative journalist believes conservatives are in for a big disappointment if they believe former Tennessee Senator Fred Thompson is the next Ronald Reagan.

    Dr. Jerome Corsi has not joined the chorus of conservative pundits who are excited about the possibility of the former Tennessee senator becoming president. He says while people are yearning for another Ronald Reagan, Fred Thompson is not the answer.

    “I don’t think some of the positions he’s taken are going to be truly satisfying to real conservatives unless they want to go again experience more ‘battered-voter syndrome’ like they’ve done under Bush,” he comments. “They can make Thompson into what voters want him to be, but unfortunately he just isn’t what they’re projecting into him.”

    Corsi, who has been active with the Minutemen, a pro-border security group, predicts that Thompson would be very much like George W. Bush on the border issue. He notes that Thompson’s record in the Senate indicated he supported the expansion of migrant worker programs. Corsi also wonders when people will realize that Thompson, who he says is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, is a globalist who would push for open borders.

    For those reasons, Thompson will not emerge as the GOP presidential candidate, opines Corsi. “I think [he is] kind of a red herring,” he says. “He’s being thrown to conservatives as a bone, so they have some horse in the race. But the truth is, Fred Thompson is not a conservative.”

  6. When somebody has to hide their support for a candidate and instead turn all their attention toward attacking another candidate… it says 2 things…

    1: They are ashamed of who they support.

    2: They are afraid of who the attack!

    Go Fred – Beat Hillary

  7. jftous Says:

    You are so right Mr. Fred States

    1] First they have no self-respect , nor any respect for their own candidate.

    2]They obviously are running afraid of everybody in or out of the race, to play bashing games.

    3] What a waste of valuable time =’ idiot games’ win NOTHING!

    It is FRED to Win the WH in ’08!!!!

  8. sjmc Says:

    Dr. Corsi obviously does not have a PhD in the conservative philosophy and beliefs of Fred Dalton Thompson. When one has little knowledge of a particular subject, a title or degree has little impact. Knowledge may be power, but only when it is specific knowledge and is accurate. The only person the majority of the citizens have chosen to speak for them is Fred Dalton Thompson, a Federalist and a Conservative.

  9. SAMalott Says:

    I find it hard to believe that the Marines are represented here by such a NEOCON R.Paul supporter. If any one of the R.Paul supporters actually did some research and looked at the FACTS, instead of the R.Paul Fiction, then they would drop R.Paul like a bad habit.

    Go Fred Beat RUDY/RON/ROMNEY & the DIMICRAPS !!!!!


    Dr. Ron Pau and many of his supporters have repeadedly said they know he can’t win, and that “HE IS RUNNING TO MAKE A POINT!” Wel our country is worth alot more than that kind of juvenile behavior. Dr. Ron Paul and his supporters have a hidden adgenda and that is to ELECT HILLARY CLINTON PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES. They live in a fanatasy world bathed in the belief that if Hillary is elected things will be so ba some kind of popular uprising or even armed insurrection wil take place. Ron Paul and his misguided supporters are out to destroy the republic thy claim they want to restore and they don’t care ho many people get murdered in the process. Ron Paul and his pitiful impotent ilk are the curr dogs of the early 21st century, everyone of them belong and will end up in thee ashbin of hstory!


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  13. Mary Wilcox Says:

    ♦ FOR the trial lawyers lobby, and specifically against a bill that would put common-sense limitations on the medical malpractice suits that increase health costs for all of us. (Of course! He’s been a trial lawyer himself for some three decades.) See ACU’s vote 18, 2002.

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