Thompson: “John McCain is the Leader”


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8 Comments on “Thompson: “John McCain is the Leader””

  1. Akbar Says:

    Check out this latest clip via

    I am sorry but Fred Thompson like many actors, has a difficult time when he is not reading a script. If he were elected, I am afraid Hillary would crush him in a debate. The last thing I want is another George W. or Bob Dole performance.

  2. Bret Bauer Says:

    Fred Thompson is a sleeper agent for the gun-grabbing global elitists. Not only is he a member of the elitist Council on Foreign Relations, he’s also a member of the elitist American Enterprise Institute.

    Fred Thompson will do the bidding of his elitist friends and surrender this nation’s sovereignty to the North American Union enroute to one big, ‘happy’ global government, sans private gun ownership.

    He’s also pro-amnesty for illegal aliens.

    Fred Thompson only tells you what you want to hear.

  3. rich Says:

    Then Akbar dont vote for Hillary she is the same thing as Fred one world government look at her votes in congress plus she is La Raza the racist org in the country

  4. mike Says:

    Do you want to link to my site?

    I would sure appreciate it. You can see on the right of my page, that I have linked back to yours…

    Feel free to cross post any good info you get from mine… I have read the articles that are linked in Fred’s wikipedia page. They are pretty good.

  5. McNuts is the leader of the asylum. Fred Thompson has you on his hit list!

  6. Sturm Ruger Says:

    Fred Thompson told the Orange County Register in an interview, “A Republican, especially a conservative Republican – you’re going to have a large group of people you line up with on most votes. John and I certainly fit that category. But we have different views on some issues. We’ll have a good discussion about it. But John is my friend and will remain my friend, regardless of what we do.”

    On the issues, Thompson parts company from McCain on the Bush tax cuts (which Thompson supported and McCain voted against), the patient’s bill of rights (a pet project of McCain’s which Fred opposed on federalist grounds), McCain-Feingold (which Fred originally supported, but now freely admits the limitations on political ads were wrong and should not have been included in the law) and the McCain-Kennedy immigration bill (which Fred opposes).

    McCain also favors protecting sexual orientation by civil rights laws, which Fred Thompson opposes. McCain favors more federal funding for health coverage, which Fred opposes. Fred voted to preserve the budget for driiling in ANWR, while McCain voted to kill it. Finally, Thompson favors allowing churches to provide welfare services, which McCain opposes.

    Over the years, Fred has become more conservative, while McCain has become decidedly less so.

  7. Storm Huger Says:

    Thompson is flip flopping on McCain?
    Wait, that can’t be.
    Perhaps….. Thomspon/McCain 2008
    Campaign slogans
    Why have one old establishment Senator when you can have TWO!!
    If you think McCain/Feingold and McCain/Kennedy are great you are going to LOVE McCain/Thompson!

  8. Gary Says:

    Fred Thompson is an open borders neocon globalist. We would not have 12 to 20 million illegals if he would not have contributed to an open borders immigration policy in the Senate. This is why Americans for Better Immigration gave Fred a grade of “C”. America has had enough rhetoric from political hypocrites who pose as conservatives and sacrifice America’s national security to provide corporate America with cheap labor. Thompson should stay on TV and stop “acting” like he’s a conservative.

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