Thompson’s PAC transfered $178,000 to his Son

Excerpts as reported by ABC News:

Former Tennessee Senator and potential Republican presidential candidate Fred Thompson has shut down a political action committee that paid out more money to his son than it did in political donations.

Federal Election Commission records analyzed by the Blotter on show Thompson’s committee paid $178,000 to his son’s political consulting firm, Daniel Thompson Associates, since 2003.

In contrast, the committee made only $66,700 in contributions to other campaigns and political committees in the four years since Thompson retired from the Senate.


Contacted at his Nashville, Tenn., political consulting business, Daniel Thompson told ABC News he couldn’t talk because he was “about to leave for a business trip” and referred all questions to a spokesman for his father, who did not return calls from ABC News.


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4 Comments on “Thompson’s PAC transfered $178,000 to his Son”

  1. tommyd4 Says:

    It seems like the only responses this site is attracting are from the Paul supporters and the pro-Thompson supporters. Go figure.

  2. Editor Says:

    I don’t know who does this site… but Fred is a disaster and needs to be outted… no one seems to know what he stands for, (does he even know?) other that he’s some ‘great conservative’ which is a sham… He was a mediocre senator.

    He’s Reagan, but with no ideas…

    Plus, who wants a trophy wife for a first lady?

    Bravo ‘Conservatives Against Fred’!

  3. tommyd4: I’m neither. You’re wrong. Go figure.

    Editor: Spot on.

  4. Alexia Says:

    I started out with an interest in Fred, but turned into a Paul supporter when I saw that Fred is not what he says he is.

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