Thompson Exploited the American troops to Sell Identity Theft Insurance

Excerpts as reported by the LA Times:

Possible presidential candidate Fred D. Thompson is lending his voice to radio commercials for a company that says it fights identity thieves and that was co-founded by a man accused of taking money from consumer bank accounts without permission.

The one-minute commercials are airing across the country on behalf of Tempe, Ariz.-based LifeLock Inc., which said nearly 200,000 customers pay about $10 a month for services that include placing fraud alerts on their credit files.

LifeLock was co-founded in 2005 by Robert J. Maynard Jr., whom the Federal Trade Commission accused in 1996 of deceiving consumers with advertisements that suggested his credit-repair company could remove records of bankruptcies and delinquent payments.


In Thompson’s commercials, the deep-voiced actor recounts a tale of military heroism in Iraq, then introduces himself and says LifeLock’s service can stop identity theft and is offered free to deployed members of the military.

“While our heroes are protecting us, we have a duty to protect them,” Thompson says in his familiar, folksy cadence.

“I urge you to contact LifeLock.”


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3 Comments on “Thompson Exploited the American troops to Sell Identity Theft Insurance”

  1. Editor Says:

    Bob, your constant copy/paste comment job is tiresome…

  2. Ed Williamson Says:

    OK, who are you? Just another spear chunker without the guts to identify yourself?

  3. Randy Candler Says:

    Ed is right who are you and why dont you idenfy yourself are you Michael Martine or a clinton

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