Fred Thompson’s Anti-Gun Senate Record

The Conservatives Against Fred Thompson volunteers have compiled a list of proposals supported by Fred Dalton Thompson in the senate that include Gun Bans, confiscations and limitations to the free speech of Gun Rights Advocates. Dates and bill numbers are provided so this information can be easily verified. Summary:

1. Anti-gun terror bill (S. 735 )

On June 7, 1995, the Senate passed an anti-gun terror bill (S. 735) by a vote of 91-8. This version of the terror bill included: a BATF pay increase of $100 million; a provision authorizing “roving wiretaps” allowing government officials to wiretap one’s home if a person under investigation visits the home — even if one had no knowledge the person was a suspect; a weakening of the Posse Commitatus law to give the military more authority to get involved in law enforcement in certain circumstances; a grant of power to the FBI to conduct “fishing expeditions” and secure one’s financial and travel records in certain circumstances without any evidence one has committed a crime; and finally, the “Randy Weaver entrapment provision” which extends the statute of limitations for violations under the National Firearms Act of 1934 from three to five years. Thompson voted in favor of the bill.

2. Anti-gun terror bill — final passage

On April 17, 1996, the Senate passed the conference version of the anti-terrorism bill by a vote of 91-8. The final version of the bill (S. 735) contained several problems, including ones that will: order an “anti-hunter” rifle and ammo study; authorize a $40 million pay increase for the BATF (through the Treasury Department); potentially punish gun dealers (and individuals) for selling ammunition to someone they should have known would commit a violent crime; federalize many state crimes, thus tremendously increasing the scope and jurisdiction of the BATF; restrict the right of habeas corpus in such a way as to severely damage the ability of the courts to rescue honest gun owners who are unjustly incarcerated; allow the government to use “secret evidence” against certain individuals; remove protections against wiretapping wireless data; and require banks to freeze the assets of domestic groups in certain situations. Thompson once again voted in favor of the bill.

3. Taggants in gunpowder

On September 12, 1996, the Senate voted (57-42) to keep an anti-gun amendment off of the Treasury-Postal appropriations bill (H.R. 3756). The Kerry amendment — which Thompson voted for— would have made funds available for a study of tagging explosive materials, including black and smokeless powders (thus setting the stage for registering ammunition). The amendment also sought to further demonize firearms by selectively examining the misuse of firearms by criminals. The study would not examine the number of times firearms are used to save the lives of decent citizens.

4. Lautenberg Domestic Confiscation gun ban

On September 12, 1996, the Senate passed the Lautenberg gun ban as an amendment to the Treasury-Postal appropriations bill (H.R. 3756). The Lautenberg Domestic Confiscation Gun Ban disarms gun owners for small (misdemeanor) offenses in the home — “offenses” as slight as spanking a child or grabbing a spouse. This lifetime ban, in certain cases, can even be imposed without a trial by jury. It is also retroactive, so it does not matter if the offense occurred 20 years ago. Thompson voted in favor of the amendment.

5. Free Speech restrictions

On October 7, 1997, the Senate defeated an “Incumbent Protection Bill” (S. 25) which would have resulted in the government regulation of GOA’s newsletters and other communications with its members, while expanding the relative political power of the liberal media and other anti-gun forces. Senators failed in their effort, 53 to 47, to shut down a filibuster of the bill that was ostensibly aimed at reforming campaign finance laws.

6. Smith “Anti-Brady” Amendment

On July 21, 1998, pro-gun Senator Bob Smith (R-NH) introduced an “Anti-Brady” amendment that passed by a vote of 69-31. The Smith amendment would prohibit the FBI from using Brady background checks to tax or register gun owners. Further, the amendment requires the “immediate destruction of all [gun buyer] information, in any form whatsoever.” Finally, if the FBI disregards this latter provision, the Smith language will allow private citizens to sue the agency and collect monetary damages, including attorney’s fees. Thompson, in keeping with his tendency to usually vote for expanded federal police power, voted against this limitation of FBI registration of gun owners.

7. Anti-gun Clinton judge appointment

On February 11, 1998, the Senate voted 67-28 to confirm Margaret Morrow to the Federal bench. GOA vigorously opposed this Clinton-appointed judge, as she has not only taken strident anti-gun positions, she has showed herself to be a gun control activist.

8. Anti-gun Surgeon General

Having nominated anti-gun David Satcher for Surgeon General, President Bill Clinton was forced to wait several months as debate raged over his controversial pick. But on February 10, 1998, the President finally realized victory. By a vote of 75-23, anti-gun Republicans teamed up with the Democrats to kill the filibuster over the Satcher nomination. Mr. Satcher was later confirmed by a vote of 63-35. Since the key vote was to end the filibuster, that is the one that was rated by GOA.

9. Ending the filibuster of a major anti-gun crime bill

On July 28, 1999, the Senate ended a filibuster led by Senator Bob Smith (I-NH) — a filibuster intended to keep anti-gun crime legislation from progressing any further. After the 77-22 vote, the Senate moved to send the language of the anti-gun Senate crime bill (S. 254) to a House-Senate conference committee. Thompson voted to break the pro-gun filibuster.

10. Young adult gun ban

The young adult gun ban could severely punish parents who allow their kids to even touch a so-called semi-automatic “assault weapon.” While the amendment allows for certain exemptions, there are some imponderable questions which NO senator could answer, but which a parent would have to answer in order to avoid incarceration. For example: What is a “semiautomatic assault weapon”? The definition, plus exemptions, takes up six pages of fine print in the U.S. Code. Second, a child can handle a banned semi-auto if he is in the “immediate and supervisory presence” of a parent or if he possess a written permission slip from the parent. But what happens when, during a target practice session, the parent walks to the car to retrieve his lunch and the juvenile is no longer in the parents “immediate” presence and does not have a permission slip? A parent can receive jail time for this infraction. The provision passed the Senate on May 13, 1999, with Thompson voting in the majority.

11. Adopting the “Gun Control Lite” strategy

On May 13, 1999, a majority of Senators — including Thompson — defeated a motion to table (or kill) an anti-gun amendment introduced by Senators Orrin Hatch (R-UT) and Larry Craig (R-WY). This amendment was offered as an alternative to gun control proposals being pushed by Sen. Frank Lautenberg.

12. McCain’s Incumbent Protection (2000 version)

By 59 to 41, the Senate passed S. 27, to amend the Federal Election Campaign Act to include Incumbent Protection provisions. The bill severely curtails the ability of outside groups such as GOA to communicate the actions of incumbent politicians to members and supporters prior to an election.

13. Incumbent Protection (2002 failed filibuster)

This was the key vote in the Senate regarding the odious Incumbent Protection bill in 2002 (H.R. 2356). The legislation finally became law that year. As he had on previous occasions, Thompson voted in favor of the bill.

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57 Comments on “Fred Thompson’s Anti-Gun Senate Record”

  1. Bret Bauer Says:

    Fred Thompson is a sleeper agent for the gun-grabbing global elitists. Not only is he a member of the elitist Council on Foreign Relations, he’s also a member of the elitist American Enterprise Institute.

    Fred Thompson will do the bidding of his elitist friends and surrender this nation’s sovereignty to the North American Union enroute to one big, ‘happy’ global government, sans private gun ownership.

    He’s also pro-amnesty for illegal aliens.

    Fred Thompson only tells you what you want to hear.

    These folks have his number –

  2. Douglas Says:

    Wow, Bret, had your meds today? Paid up on your John Birch Society dues?

  3. James Says:

    Gunna stop asking stupid questions and say something?

  4. Conservative USMC Says:

    Bret Bauer has it right. Thompson is a neocon globalist puppet for corporate America.

    Fred Thompson not the next Reagan, says conservative journalist
    Chad Groening
    July 10, 2007

    An author and investigative journalist believes conservatives are in for a big disappointment if they believe former Tennessee Senator Fred Thompson is the next Ronald Reagan.

    Dr. Jerome Corsi has not joined the chorus of conservative pundits who are excited about the possibility of the former Tennessee senator becoming president. He says while people are yearning for another Ronald Reagan, Fred Thompson is not the answer.

    “I don’t think some of the positions he’s taken are going to be truly satisfying to real conservatives unless they want to go again experience more ‘battered-voter syndrome’ like they’ve done under Bush,” he comments. “They can make Thompson into what voters want him to be, but unfortunately he just isn’t what they’re projecting into him.”

    Corsi, who has been active with the Minutemen, a pro-border security group, predicts that Thompson would be very much like George W. Bush on the border issue. He notes that Thompson’s record in the Senate indicated he supported the expansion of migrant worker programs. Corsi also wonders when people will realize that Thompson, who he says is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, is a globalist who would push for open borders.

    For those reasons, Thompson will not emerge as the GOP presidential candidate, opines Corsi. “I think [he is] kind of a red herring,” he says. “He’s being thrown to conservatives as a bone, so they have some horse in the race. But the truth is, Fred Thompson is not a conservative.”

  5. Bob Barney Says:

    Here is what Fred wrote after the Virginia Tech massacre:

    Allowing concealed carry could have limited VA Tech massacre

    How is it that one man with two handguns could reload time & time again, and go from classroom to classroom on the Virginia Tech campus without being stopped. Much of the answer can be found in policies put in place by the university itself.
    Virginia allows citizens with training and legal permits to carry concealed weapons. That means that Virginians regularly sit in movie theaters and eat in restaurants among armed citizens.

    The statistics are clear. Communities that recognize and grant Second Amendment rights to responsible adults have a significantly lower incidence of violent crime than those that do not. Incarcerated criminals tell criminologists that they consider local gun laws when they decide what sort of crime they will commit, and where they will do so.

    But Virginia Tech administrators overrode Virginia state law and threatened to expel or fire anybody who brings a weapon onto campus. Those “Gun-free Zone” signs don’t mean much to the sort of man who murdered 32 people.

    Source: Thompson’s blog on, “Signs of Intelligence?” Apr 19, 2007

  6. Bob Barney Says:

    Here are some other votes which Fred made on guns – that I don’t see listed here:

    Voted NO on background checks at gun shows.
    Require background checks on all firearm sales at gun shows.
    Status: Amdt Agreed to Y)50; N)50; VP decided YES
    Reference: Lautenberg Amdt #362; Bill S. 254 ; vote number 1999-134 on May 20, 1999

    Voted NO on more penalties for gun & drug violations.
    The Hatch amdt would increase mandatory penalties for the illegal transfer or use of firearms, fund additional drug case prosecutors, and require background check on purchasers at gun shows. [A YES vote supports stricter penalties].
    Status: Amdt Agreed to Y)48; N)47; NV)5
    Reference: Hatch Amendment #344; Bill S. 254 ; vote number 1999-118 on May 14, 1999

    Voted YES on loosening license & background checks at gun shows.
    Vote to table or kill a motion to require that all gun sales at gun shows be completed by federally licensed gun dealers. Also requires background checks to be completed on buyers and requires gun show promoters to register with the Treasury.
    Reference: Bill S.254 ; vote number 1999-111 on May 11, 1999

    Voted YES on maintaining current law: guns sold without trigger locks.
    Vote to table [kill] an amendment to make it unlawful for gun dealers to sell handguns without providing trigger locks. Violation of the law would result in civil penalties, such as suspension or revocation of the dealer’s license, or a fine.
    Reference: Bill S 2260 ; vote number 1998-216 on Jul 21, 1998

  7. Bob Barney Says:

    In response to Conservative USMC, I am posting what Fred said on illegal immigration:

    Nation loses sovereignty if it cannot secure its own borders

    Somewhere between 12 and 20 million people had somehow come into this country unnoticed. It’s like we went overnight from “no problem” to a problem so big that it now defies a good solution.

    We know that the overwhelming majority of illegals come across the Mexican border. Fortunately, we’ve got someone who is all too willing to tell us what we should do about it — president Calderon of Mexico.

    Pres. Calderon criticizes our efforts to secure the border with things such as border fencing. He apparently thinks we should do nothing except make American citizens out of his constituents.

    I think its time for a little plain talk to the leaders of Mexico. Something like: Hey guys, you’re our friends and neighbors and we love you but it’s time you had a little dose of reality. A sovereign nation loses that status if it cannot secure its own borders and we are going to do whatever is necessary to do so.

    Source: Thompson’s blog on, “Southern Exposure” Apr 13, 2007

  8. Bob Barney Says:

    NOTE: I am a gun owner and I have a carry conceal permit. I do not see how Fred Thompson is a threat to the Second Amendment.

    Here is Fred’s full blog on Virginia Tech and the subject of carry conceal:

  9. PJ Says:

    Why throw your vote away to Fred Thompson when he has a flip flopping gun record when you can vote for someone that has a perfect gun voting record. RON PAUL always votes on the side of our RIGHTS and FREEDOMS. (This is what our military is suppose to be fighting to protect, unfortunately right now they are learning how to confiscate guns and are working with foreign militaries that lack even the most basic human rights).

    Furthermore it’s not just about rights and freedoms, our country becoming bankrupt due to the excessive federal spending. Every single candidate running for president outside of Ron Paul is for huge federal spending. Our dollar’s value on the world market is dropping like a rock. All the republicans with the exception of Ron Paul want to continue the war on Iraq and most want to expand it with a war on Iran. We are talking trillions of dollars worth of spending fighting other people’s wars! All of the wounded soldiers are going to need to be supported and the costs are going to be enormous. Meanwhile both the Republicans and the Democrats have done nothing on border security which is the real terrorist threat. Bush has wasted more tax payer dollars then even Clinton and all the other republicans want to continue his wasteful spending on a war that is going no where. The democrats, even if they do pull out will still spend just as much if not more then Bush. Ron Paul is the only candidate that wants to make serious cuts to federal spending. By getting rid of Federal waste, local governments can get more money and it will be better spent then if the feds get their hands on it. At least your money will stay closer to your community and not sent overseas.

    Right now due to the trade deficit China now has trillions of dollars that they are using to buy up our companies! This didn’t happen overnight the people in power do not have our best interests in mind. They are selling us out like Judas. All these trade agreements they get us tangled up in are for the benefit of a few and not for most Americans. Ron Paul wants to give us trade that benefits the American people’s interests not some global CEO.

    Ron Paul has a lot of other good ideas that I don’t have time to go into but I encourage you all to look into him before chasing after whoever the corporate media is pushing on us. He has won more straw polls then the other candidates. If you check the after debate polls on CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS etc… Ron Paul has won by a landslide. Why haven’t you heard about this – because the corporate media is owned by the very people destroying this country. They don’t control polls but they do control what they talk about on TV and if you don’t believe this just go back to sleep and keep believing that you’re free when you’re not. If you don’t believe me go read the declaration of independence and see in horror just how enslaved you really are.

    Free people are not one pay check away from loosing everything! The federal reserve system has taken a currency that was worth something before they existed and then turned it into something that is worth 2% of what it use to be worth! (and the value is still dropping to 0%) This is called theft and this is the reason why most of you don’t really own anything. Ron Paul wants to end the theft! Join a RonPaul Meetup group and you will see that he has a lot more support then all the other candidates put together!

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  11. Jess Says:

    Is Ron Paul better than Fred Thompson?

  12. Gary Says:

    I was really leaning toward Fred Thompson until now. I’m certainly beginning to hear a lot of scary things about him. Member of the CFR is the first thing I heard.
    I like Duncan Hunter but afraid he can’t win a national election and I sure don’t want that damn Hillary as President.
    We really need someone who’ll do something about these damn illegals, they’re taking over in Texas. It’s really a shame what’s going on here.

  13. Pragmatist Says:

    Since Thompson is such bad news for the Republicans being such a liberal in disguise and all, I suggest all of us Democrats go out and vote for him in the Republican primary in states that will allow that (switch your registration to Republican if you have to) so he can take the Republican nomination. That way we have a win-win no matter who wins the general election. Let’s go do it!

  14. Bob Says:

    I was worried that Thompson might be a hard-core neo-con, but from reading all of his record, I can see that he is really a moderate on most issues. I think you have helped me to decide to vote for him. What a great service you are doing here!

  15. RunFredRun Says:

    Uh, in #11 it says Larry Craig (R-WY) As we all know, Larry Craig is the (soon to be former) senator from IDAHO.

    Something tells me this isn’t the only mistake on this page.

  16. RunFredRun Says:

    “Conservatives Against Fred Thompson”? Why don’t you admit who you really are? This has “Rabid Ron Paul Supporters” written all over it.

  17. RunFredRun Says:

    And let’s not forget how Fred Thompson stood up to the Russians back in the 1980s.

    “Russians don’t take a dump, son, without a plan.”

    I love that line.

  18. chessmaster Says:

    Don’t confuse Fred the actor and Fred’s actions. He will say whatever you want to hear.

  19. Mike Says:

    Much has been made lately of the impending entry of Fred Thompson into the Republican race for the nomination. The journeyman actor has precious face-recognition, a commanding presence and camera-smart charisma all on his side. Admittedly, it’s hard not to be drawn in by him. His most recent gig has concretized him as the Law and Order candidate, which I think effectively sums up what a fair number of my fellows are looking for. But what of his credibility as a conservative—a true honest to goodness conservative? Is he the champion of limited government that he makes himself out to be?

    The former Senator says that federalism is his lodestar:

    Republicans have struggled in recent years, because they have strayed from basic principles. Federalism is one of those principles. It is something we all give lip service to and then proceed to ignore when it serves our purposes … Those who are in charge of applying the conservative litmus test should wonder why some of their brethren continue to try to federalize more things—especially at a time of embarrassing federal mismanagement and a growing federal bureaucracy.

    He has covered this ground elsewhere too, and in a fashion that actually sounds a lot like Ron Paul talking:

    Our government, under our Constitution, was established upon the principles of Federalism—that the federal government would have limited enumerated powers and the rest would be left to the states. It not only prevented tyranny, it just made good sense. States become laboratories for democracy and experiment with different kinds of laws … Federalism also allows for the diversity that exists among the country’s people. Citizens of our various states have different views as to how traditional state responsibilities should be handled.

    “Limited enumerated powers”. Those are three words that we don’t hear so often anymore. The fact that someone of Thompson’s evident stature is saying them is heartening indeed. The federalist system we once had, with a very small central government rigidly defined in its jurisdiction, has in fact been turned on its head. It needs to be righted. Rep. Paul has been saying this for a good long time and I’m glad that Mr. Thompson is helping bring attention to it as well. None of the other candidates have shown much interest in the subject.

    So how do these two, Fred Thompson and Ron Paul, stack up to one another? Judging strictly by the rhetoric, they don’t appear all that dissimilar. But of course it’s action that counts, and that’s where we should look to see who wins on the federalism front; to find out which one of them is really the most conservative. Luckily both have worked in Congress and have thereby provided us with a handy roadmap. Our comparison is abetted by the Congressional voting records published at Project Vote Smart.

    Let’s start with Mr. Thompson. Out of the 50 appropriations bills the former Senator voted on between 1995 and 2002, he voted for all but 2 of them. (Appropriations bills are the ones that take money from the Treasury and mark it for spending. This is, it’s safe to say, where one has a good chance of spotting who is truly for small government, or federalism, and who is not.) These bills Mr. Thompson voted to pass spent billions upon billions of dollars on, among other things:

    * Agricultural subsidies (to dairy farmers, tobacco growers, livestock producers, peanut farmers, and others)
    * Federal crop insurance
    * Guaranteed subsidized loans to farmers
    * Subsidized loans for rural housing, electricity and telephone service
    * The National Endowment for the Humanities
    * The National Endowment for the Arts
    * The Peace Corps
    * The Job Corps
    * The Federal Railroad Administration
    * Discretionary education spending
    * School violence treatment and prevention
    * The Commodity Credit Corporation (for the purpose of influencing production, prices, supplies, and distribution of agricultural commodities)
    * The National Commission on the Cost of Higher Education
    * The Smithsonian Institute
    * The United States Holocaust Memorial
    * The National Science Foundation
    * The Dept. of Housing and Urban Development and its various community development initiatives

    He also voted for the No Child Left Behind Act and the McCain-Feingold Act. He voted for increasing benefits to workers who have been displaced due to increased imports, voted for many tens of billions of dollars in foreign aid, and he voted to double the President’s salary. (On a side note, Mr. Thompson’s penchant for having the federal government underwrite insurance appears to predate his term in the Senate, going back to his lobbying efforts for the Tennessee Savings and Loan. I would ask Mr. Thompson how extending government support of the S&L industry through the FDIC figured into his concern for the principle of federalism).

    Now let’s look at Congressman Paul’s record. Out of 166 appropriations bills voted on between 1997 and 2007, Ron Paul voted against all but 6. His rare “yea” votes were reserved for bills which:

    * Prohibited subsidizing crop insurance for tobacco farmers
    * Reduced funding for the Dept. of Labor and the Dept. of Education
    * Prohibited the use of federal funds to restrict travel to Cuba by United States citizens
    * Prohibited federal funding of adoption in D.C. for couples not related by blood or marriage
    * Allocated funds for the military quality of life functions of the Department of Defense (housing allowances, health services, veteran’s health benefits and pensions)

    Paul also voted for a Constitutional amendment that mandated a two-thirds vote in both Houses of Congress in order to increase taxes (requirement waived if war is declared), voted against McCain-Feingold, against No Child Left Behind, and against the Medicare Prescription Drug Bill.

    The two candidates’ records are almost exactly the reverse of each other. The answer to the question, “Who is the more conservative?” is clear. Fred Thompson talks a good game (and I for one do appreciate him for that), but his record reveals a tendency to stray far and often from those “limited enumerated powers” that he references in his articles. Probably no less than 95% of every non-military piece of legislation he’s ever voted for has been non-federalist and un-conservative, as well as blatantly unconstitutional, having no basis whatsoever in those particulars set forth for Congress in Article 1, Section 8. In this respect he may be no different than the vast majority of others who have spent some time on the Hill, but it will no longer do for him to use the rhetoric of federalism and limited government while the money hose still bears the impression of his grip upon it.

    They say the problem with actors is that they never stop acting. This country needs a leader who actually lives his message.

  20. […] Fred Thompson’s Anti-gun Senate Record – The Conservatives Against Fred Thompson volunteers have compiled a list of proposals supported by Fred Dalton Thompson in the senate that include Gun Bans, confiscations and limitations to the free speech of Gun Rights Advocates. […]

  21. David Whittenbarger Says:

    Fred is beyond a true American’s consideration. Ron Paul is the only candidate who will reduce Federal Government, restore the Consitiution, as well as protect American workers, the American standard of living as well as protect our Sovreignty by placing
    tariffs on imports.
    He will close the Mexican border in a matter of weeks, abolish the IRS and enforce the Tenth Amendment of the Bill of Rights. Now who are you people going to vote for?
    Ron Paul! That’s who!

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  24. Laura Says:

    What a totally bogus list. It was probably complied by one of those obnoxious Ron Paul spambots.

    Get the facts and discuss them with other great American (sorry Sean) supporters of the Fred express at

  25. Andrew Says:

    Look at all of these “FredHead” spambots coming out in defense of their candidate. Fred isn’t raising that much money and even told his supporters to not be surprised when the numbers come in low. He’s nothing but a myth. Its just all of those “FredHead” spammers making it look like he has any support at all. I guess the media will have found a way to block out spammers like them from voting in the next “after debate poll” when he doesn’t do so well.

  26. Danny R. McBeth Says:

    I decided not to vote for Fred when I read about his fairly recent trip to Isreal where he met with israeli leaders and discussed ??????????…….this was part of his pre-announcement activities….seems to Fred…the Israelis are more important than the American Voter….Amazingly he became the “Front Running Republican Candidate” soon thereafter….Go Figure…

  27. V is for... Says:

    I believe we need a president with the mindset of a historian.

    Scarcely half-a-dozen men in America could be named who were known to have looked a dozen years ahead; while an historian who means to keep his alignment with past and future must cover a horizion of two generations at least. If he or she seeks to align themselves with the future, they must assume a condition of some sort for a world fifty years from their own.

    Every historian- sometimes unconsciously,but always inevitably- must have to ask this question: How long could such-or-such an outworn system last? They can never give themselves less then one generation. They have to triangulate from the widest possible base to the furthest point they think they can see, which is always far beyond the curvature of the horizon.

    I believe Ron Paul has done this in his time in Congress.

    He has seen the future and we are it. Let us NOT let him down.

    V is for…

  28. TanukiJoe Says:

    I can’t believe that anyone would ever again vote for any anti-gun “Conservative”, or an actor.

    I’m voting (again) for a Gynecologist/Congressman from my beloved Texas.

    -BTW The Bushes aren’t and never have been Texans..

  29. Ken hall Says:

    ““Conservatives Against Fred Thompson”? Why don’t you admit who you really are? This has “Rabid Ron Paul Supporters” written all over it.”

    Rabid? I would never call Ron Paul supporters Rabid, Rational and passionate yes, but Rabid? You do yourself and your arguments a great dis-service when you resort to name calling.

    Ron Paul is the purest conservative in the race, he is the only candidate to be for America and her people. All the other GOP candidates stand for the CFR and the neo-con globalists. People who’s policies and actions continually put America second and other nations first.

    If you are looking for rabid, then look to the other candidates and their (often paid for) supporters. If the pursuit of war based on fabrications and lies is not rabid, I do not know what is.

    If you value and want a candidate that WILL uphold and defend the constitution, there is only really one choice. The man who has a 100% record on voting in favour of constitutional policies. Ron Paul.

    If you want a candidate that has already provably united people from all over the political spectrum on an honest, pro constitutional, pro peace and pro American message, a candidate that can and will steal many many votes from Hillary, instead of encouraging many independents to vote for her, then vote for Ron Paul.

    Thompson, Giulliani, Romney, McCain… they will all have the independents rushing to vote for Hillary or Obama. (Which the CFR won’t mind as they control all of them already)

    Ron Paul… It will take a miracle, so we are constructing a miracle one voter at a time.

  30. Bob Says:

    Why the heck don’t you put an easy send email system for forwarding this article like Truthout and Rawstory and many other site have so I can send this article without writing down all that crap in your address? I use internetsites as I go from country to country and am not interested in dragging a damn computer when I need all my weight limit fro clothes, shoes, etc!

  31. David Atlee Says:

    Senator Thompson’s actions do not match his words. Congressman Paul’s actions do match his words. Paul’s actions are Constitutional; while Thompson,s actions are mostly in defiance of the U.S. Constitution…..Look at the records and facts people!

  32. Tom Says:

    This article is false. The very first Bill has nothing to do with gun laws. It has to do with Habeus Corpus and jurisdiction.

  33. As a Fred supporter I agree with his gun control voting record. We don’t need guns in todays modern society. The government will take care of us

  34. Fred's nephew Says:

    Let our constitution be the litmus test.
    There can be no compromise. It’s Pass or Fail.

    Ron Paul is running on the reinstatement of the Constitution.
    Fred Thompson is one of its recent degraders. He is a failure.

  35. Chuck Says:

    Hey Bob that posted on 9/7….since you’re such a big shot world traveler, maybe you’d be smart enough to copy and paste the URL into an email instead of writing it down. DUH!!!

  36. […] Fred Thompson’s Anti-Gun Senate Record […]

  37. Winghunter Says:

    I’ve noticed you folks have a way of losing facts which werre posted which contradicts your own.

    Shame on you rabid pretenders. You won’t be seeing states legalize drugs in ’08, I guess you’ll be arrested for supporting drug czars as usual.

  38. Matt Says:

    For a complete, in depth analysis of this VERY misleading, and in some cases, blatantly false list of Thompson’s anti-gun votes, visit

  39. bubba Says:

    3. Taggants in gunpowder

    On September 12, 1996, the Senate voted (57-42) to keep an anti-gun amendment off of the Treasury-Postal appropriations bill (H.R. 3756). The Kerry amendment — which Thompson voted for– would have made funds available for a study of tagging explosive materials, including black and smokeless powders (thus setting the stage for registering ammunition). The amendment also sought to further demonize firearms by selectively examining the misuse of firearms by criminals. The study would not examine the number of times firearms are used to save the lives of decent citizens.

    Heres the link to the actuall vote.. 9/12/1996, 57-42,

    U.S. Senate Roll Call Votes 104th Congress – 2nd Session

    as compiled through Senate LIS by the Senate Bill Clerk under the direction of the Secretary of the Senate

    Vote Summary

    Question: On the Motion to Table (motion to table kerry amendment no. 5279 )
    Vote Number: 287 Vote Date: September 12, 1996, 02:19 PM
    Required For Majority: 1/2 Vote Result: Motion to Table Agreed to
    Amendment Number: S.Amdt. 5279 to H.R. 3756
    Statement of Purpose: To make funds available for a study of tagging explosive materials, and for other purposes.
    Vote Counts: YEAs 57
    NAYs 42
    Not Voting 1

    Its an ON THE MOTION TO TABLE the ammendment..

    C-SPAN Congressional Glossary


    A MOTION TO TABLE, if adopted, permanently kills the pending matter. It also ends any further debate.

    Fred voted to kill the ammendment not in favor of it!

    I know, what about the other 12? Yeah well I already wasted enough of my life determining that #3 is a lie and really have no desire to waste any more of my life searching through more 10+ year old records when the very first one I researched turned out to be such a blatant lie!

  40. Jon Says:

    That is nothing more than Anti-Thompson
    Ron Paul conspiracy theorists agenda….

    He’s pro guns…….this junk was made up by Ron Paul Supporters I bet this site is ran by Ron Paul supporters!

  41. Chelle Says:

    Wow. You gotta stop hanging out with those Ron Paul supporters. Have you ever actually read about Fred Thompson? I think maybe you should.

  42. Ceecee Says:

    Freddie the free loader plays both sides of the fence. Why did he refuse to show up at this weeks debate? He sucks! Stick to the issues and see who he lobbied for.

  43. Ceecee Says:

    If the GOPers run a pro war candidate they will have their butts kicked big time by Hillary.
    The only candidate that has a chance to win is RON PAUL.

    RON PAUL…not another neo-con!

  44. combatvetusmc Says:

    To vote against the war in Iraq should have been a career ender. I have not yet decided on how to vote, But I do know it will not be for Ron Paul. Do we agree that our initial reason for going into Iraq was WMD? And did we find any? No! But are we able to dig up an entire desert? No! And as far as staying there, we are letting terrorists who hate Americans die in their own backyards instead of crossing an ocean. We will, sadly, lose some of the greatest Americans that have ever lived in this fight, and when they signed that contract they knew that was a sacrifice that may be asked of them. But that is the price of freedom so our kids can ride down the road without having to look for ied’s and have an electro- counter measure attached to their car. This war is not against Iraq it is against American-haters. Syrians, Iranians, Jordanians, those were the people we were capturing and killing in the An-bar Province. Ron Paul- hope he doesn’t get blown up by an ied!

  45. Tom Jones Says:

    Good just hear on the news he steped down..
    I like my guns

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