Thompson Against the Criminalization of Abortion

In a debate sponsored by the TV station WDEF of Chattanooga in 1994 Fred Dalton Thompson clearly stated that that the government should not criminalize abortions for convenience and that the matter should be decided by the courts.

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4 Comments on “Thompson Against the Criminalization of Abortion”

  1. Patrick Harris Says:

    Thompson specifically states here that the “battle shouldn’t be won in the courts.” His position that the federal government shouldn’t criminalize abortion is consistent with federalism. He is not a fan of Roe v. Wade.

  2. Bob Barney Says:

    Thompson said in the video:

    “I think we should not have Federal funding for abortions. ”

    If he supports abortion, why would he be against that. Remember, medicaid is Federal funding of medical services for poorer Americans.

    “I think states should have reasonable controls over that.”

    This flies in the face of Roe v. Wade and the notion that abortion is a woman’s “right”. Fred has already said that he consider Roe v. Wade “bad law” – meaning the subject of abortion is not set out in the Constution, meaning the Federal government, and the Supreme Court, have no business sticking their nose into it.

    I am satisfied that if Fred Thompson is president, he will appoint strict constructionist judges, like Supreme Court Chief Justic John Roberts, who will not read things into the Constitution, but rather decide legal matters on what is specifcally set out in the Constitution.

  3. Paul Richard Strange, Sr. Says:

    I am a fan of Ron Paul. It is also true that I am aware that the likely nominee of the
    Republican Party will NOT be Ron Paul, and like it or not, I CANNOT force reality to
    be otherwise!

    So, I’m fighting as hard as I can to help see Dr. Paul obtain the most impressive showing of support in the GOP primaries that I can.

    If Thompson is the nominee, that means Gulianni is not, so I don’t see this as a zero sum game.

    However, as a person who is firmly and fully convinced that human beings have received from the Creator the right to be alive, at the beginning of existence, just because of existence, I will not support a pro-abortion Republican any faster than a pro-abortion Democrat!

    What I will do vote for a candidate outside of the two major parties for president, knowing that my candidate will not win, but hoping that God will use whatever support for a clearly prolife candidate outside of the two major parties to change the future.

    I don’t like the option of going outside of the two major parties. This has been tried and tried and tried and tried and tried, all to no avail! But, a principled person cannot sell his conscience, because a conscience is a terrible thing to waste.

    For the glory of God in Christ and the joyful revival of America’s moral foundations,

    Paul Richard Strange Senior
    Waxahachie Texas

  4. Josiah Says:

    I feel the exact same way Paul, and I also am supporting Ron Paul in 2008.

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